Micropower - Biological Galley Floor And Kitchen Cleaner.


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MicroPower Benefits

  • Unique liquid biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners.
  • Reduces food source that cause pest breeding sites.
  • Reduces greasy build-up in floor drains, grouting and non-slip floor coating.
  • Destroys obnoxious odours from waste pipes, drains and grease traps.  Increases the standard of hygiene.
  • Reduces greasy build up in hard to reach areas, under or behind equipment.
  • Treats standing water which causes foul odours and pest problems.
  • Reduces food waste attractant odour that encourages pests.
  • Completely biodegradable thereby minimising any environmental impact.

Product Description

MicroPower is a specialised blend of liquid bacterial cultures, surfactants and enzymes specifically selected for the degradation of organic wastes which can promote pest infestation. The bacteria in this product constantly produce various enzymes that are essential in the breakdown of a wide range of organic compounds.

MicroPower contains specially selected bacteria to produce amylase (starches) lipase (fats, oils and grease) protease (proteins) and cellulase (cellulose). Free enzymes and surfactants are added to achieve immediate breakdown.

MicroPower has been used successfully in numerous commercial applications to improve performance of grease traps and septic tank systems.

MicroPower breaks down organic food residues under equipment, counters and difficult to reach areas reducing the risk of food build-up,foul odours and a potential breeding ground for pests.

MicroPower also reduces the risk of slipping by removing ingrained grease and oil to bring back the non-slip properties of special safety floor coverings.

Areas of Application include:

Under and around equipment (not to include food preparation surfaces)
Floor drains and gulleys
Waste Bins and Chutes
Directions for use

At closing time clean up, add 60 ml of MicroPower to mop bucket filled with warm water. Mix with mop to ensure even dispersion of product. Mop all floor areas and around and under counters and equipment. When finished discard mop water down floor drain outlets.

For spot cleaning during day use tap water only. Do not use bleach or other cleaning products.

Pour 60 ml into empty trigger sprayer and fill with water. Spray product onto walls and wipe as required. Leave to air dry.

The use of toxic cleaners such as acids, caustics, bleaches and disinfectants will have a detrimental effect on the biological activity of MicroPower and should not be used

MicroPower MSDS Datasheet